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Who am I?

The name's Baconman.

I'm a proud amateur programmer.

I've been coding for a little bit now. I'm always interested in the lower level or statically typed languages, like Go (what this website is served with).

Among the languages I am familiar with (besides English), I know HTML, CSS, JS, and PHP fairly well. I know bits of Node JS, Go, and C++, which I am aiming to expand my knowledge on.

Video games are always fun, I love Roblox (follow me, the name's emjohansson).

I'm always curious, and I can never get enough of that science (quantum physics is the best, horray for Heisenberg)!

Want to contact me? Email me at johanssonemil13@gmail.com!

Have Discord? Will travel!
DM me at Neutrino#6688!

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Top Languages


My passions...


Of course!

It's so fun!


"Science doesn't make the world go around, rather it tells us what does."

My favorite science subjects.

Physics (anything physics related), and chemistry.

Video games.

Who doesn't love them?

Ok, there obviously are a bunch of people who don't...

My favorites.

Roblox Galaxy

Roblox Galaxy

An interactive game set in space, where you can mine and buy ships, fight, or just explore the Galaxy in general.

Roblox Phantom Forces

Roblox Phantom Forces

A first person shooter based off of Counter Strike. Save up for and buy over 100 guns and melees, play in many different game modes/maps, and eliminate your opponents.

Roblox Vehicle Simulator

Roblox Vehicle Simulator

Just as it sounds, Vehicle Simulator allows you to simulate driving vehicles. Race your friends, drive around to get money and buy a better car at a dealer... or upgrade your current car!

Follow me on Roblox if you want, my username is emjohansson!



This game needs no introduction. A sandbox game, allowing you to go wild with your imagination... or go wild trying to survive. Play with friends... or play alone. No matter what you do, you won't find your journey to be the same every time in this game.

My favorite music

I absolutely love EDM and other electronic music genres.

Grant Bowtie - Clockwork [Future bass]

The overall beats and electro in this song rock me to the core. Really good and super catchy song. I really recommend you try it.

Darren Styles - Us Against the World

This song is by no doubt one of my very favorites. The overall catchiness of the song is thrilling and yet has this kind of happy tone to it.

These are only two of my favorites. There are tons more of where those came from, but check them out for yourself at monstercat.com.

My projects </>


An interactive Stargazing simulator. Downloadable as a PWA (web app), and fully functional offline (as well as having cache control), this was a month long project that took a lot of effort and I am overall very proud of.

Phantom Forces Tools

As you could tell from my "my passions" section, I love Phantom Forces. In fact, I started making a website dedicated to helping newbies and pros alike get better at Phantom Forces. It has been existing since February of 2020, and I have been aiming to increase its popularity and features. I have also added holiday themes. Check them out when Halloween or Christmas rolls around!

Fake BSoD

This was meant as a prank for my Dad because I wanted him to think I broke my school computer... so I made a windows-like BSoD to trick him (it partially worked). Play this as a prank on your friends, or just have fun!

Keystroke logger

My first "malicious" program that logs keystrokes that a user makes and then sends them back to a server when the user is about to leave or refresh the page. It wasn't designed to steal data, so I hash the data before putting it in a LOG file. It's still cool to make a basic program representing a method a hacker might use to gain access to sensitive information.

My collaborations </>


A Minecraft-remake made by Tussiez. I saw his wonderful game and couldn't resist asking him to let me collaborate on it. Through my collaboration I have helped him make it work offline, make a version system, and now even helping make it have a terminal where users can execute commands! A lovable game that I shall never forget.

Thanks for reading my portfolio! I hope you liked it...

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